BellSouth Personal Web Pages

BellSouth Personal Web Pages (PWP) were introduced in 2002 to give BellSouth customers a way to express themselves on the internet. During the period of introduction, the internet was growing at a rapid rate and adoption was reaching new highs every year. Pete, an engineer at BellSouth, presented the idea of setting up a a File Transfer Protocol on a separate subdomain where each customer had the ability to create a personal web page, and the idea was born.

After a merger with AT&T in 2006, BellSouth pages continued for two years before the site redirected to the My AT&T website. This website serves as a new, resurrected version of the BellSouth Personal Web Pages program. We have employed the same writers who provided popular content on the platform to add their thoughts on this blog. They will, per the PWP guidelines, be providing content in a respectful, free, and non-violent environment. Free speech is something we at BellSouth and now AT&T are fond of and as such, comments are allowed, but moderated before approval.

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